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Jason Rea

Music Producer & Audio Engineer

Phone: (888) 897-3848

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree 

in Music Production (Valedictorian)

About Jay

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Jason Rea is a young, passionate, and driven Music Producer and Audio Engineer with 9+ years of experience in musical composition, lyrical composition, musical arrangement, and instrumentation. He has written and produced in numerous genres such as Pop, Rock, Alt Rock, Folk, and Jazz, and as a former student and valedictorian at Full Sail University, Jason takes pride in his work and always goes above and beyond to bring life, quality, and consistency to every track he produces. He is an adept melody writer with a keen musical ear, and has experience working in DAWs such as GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and ProTools.

Outside of music, Jason is an avid 8-ball pool player, and shows an interest in spending time outdoors, watching movies, writing poetry, reading, graphic design, and drawing. He also loves spending time with his family, friends, and pets.

Scroll down to see some of Jay's previous works!

Little Monsters

Written by Jason Rea

Little Monsters - Jason Rea
Untitled 8.png

Night Owl

Written by Jason Rea

Night Owl - Jason Rea
Untitled 9.png

Cheez-it Jingle

Written by Jason Rea

Cheez-It Jingle - Jason Rea
Untitled 10.png
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